Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How we began our Unschooling Journey~

My family and I started Unschooling in August, 2006. I came home from school one day in my khaki pants and green collared shirt uniform. I had been in school only 3 days and was already assigned an essay. My sister, Chloe, who was 6 at the time, was sitting on the floor with my Mom working in a notebook. I remember asking, "Chloe didn't go to school today?..again?"

My sister was diagnosed that Summer with Type 1 Diabetes. And no, I don't mean the kind where you "eat to much". We get that a lot. I mean the kind where your pancreas completely stops working. She wasn't producing any insulin at all. Everyday consisted of 3 meals, with 2 snacks in between. Plus insulin shots. The school system wasn't taking care of her. She would come home everyday with sugars of 400 and up. My Mom and Dad finally drew the line.

I still remember coming home that day and asking that question. My Mom answered me, "I'm trying out Homeschooling". My first thought was, "Hey, what about me?????" I absolutely loathed school. It was basically prison for me every. single. day. We were clueless though. School was all we knew. I would be a little hesitant if I were my Mom too. Its a big step going from "school" to "thinking outside the box". My Mom and Dad finally did decide to try it out with both of us. She always said, "If it doesn't work out, we can always sign you back in." Well that never happened. Our journey with Homeschooling finally turned into our journey with Unschooling. We've expanded our thinking far past the line of normal. We live everyday like there's no tomorrow. I thank the universe everyday for our choice to Unschool. I can't imagine having it any other way.

Autumn ☯

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting or blogging lately.. I've been up ALL day and night reading the last two installments of Harry Potter.. I finally finished The Half-Blood Prince, now I'm reading the Deathly Hallows. I tell ya, those books are wayyyy to addicting. I almost have the feeling of being a hermit crab..stuck in shell all day. ha ha..

Anyway, everything's been going really really good. I think I've actually lost track of the days now. Its become more of a lifestyle and a way of living then just a "30 day challenge". I think that we're on day 16 or 17....not sure though :P.

Its kinda cool actually (now that we eat Raw), all the different Raw food we see and notice. Before, all I would be interested in was: junk, junk, junk. Ice cream, candy, frozen entrees, pizza, etc. It was terrible. I guess I thought, since I was a vegetarian, that I wouldn't get fat eating all this crap.. Stupid I know. Now that I think about it, I'm so thankful that I didn't let myself go. If it wasn't for this Raw food kick who knows were I'd be. :)

Anyways, as I was saying, we notice so much more Raw food choices then we ever did before (and I mean ever). Raw cashews, raw almonds, fruits, veggies, spinach, kale, mushrooms and so much more. Oh, I also found a few more recipes I'm gunna share with you guys. :)

Peace and Love to all,
Autumn ✶

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cafe 118° (Day 10)

So the other day my family and I had a really awesome experience at a super cool place called "Cafe 118°" in Winter Park, FL. It's a restaurant that specializes in Raw and Organic foods.

We had looked it up on the computer and we were going to Orlando anyway, so we decided "what the heck". It was terrific. I had "Zuc & Cheese", Chloe had "Fettuccine Alfredo", Dad had Green Pepper Tamales" and Mom had "Flaxseed Crackers w/ Macadamia Nut Hummus", which was divine. Oh, and I almost forgot...For dessert we had "Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream", which was ALL RAW. No dairy, no cream. The actual ice cream was made out of huh?

So next time your in the Park Avenue area go check out CAFE 118°! It was awesome!

Love and Peace to all,
Autumn ☪

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yummy Food and No more cravings. (Days 7, 8 & 9)

So these past few days have been awesome! Very little headaches, no more cravings and very, very good recipes that I probably wouldn't even have looked at a week ago. I almost feel as if I am "lighter" if that makes sense. I don't feel as heavy. Its probably because of all the toxins and waste that are finally free of my body...Thank goodness.

So I've started reading this book called "Skinny Bitch" and its so good. I'm learning much more about all the things I was eating and how bad they are and were for my body (including meat). Oh, and that soda, coffee, and caffeine are some of the worst things you can consume. Yikes. If you've never heard of this book and maybe want to look into it here's a link you can check it out at: Now this ISN'T a Raw food book, but it does give you pretty good tips and information about different things.

I also just wanted to give you guys a quick tip about shopping for nuts. GO TO BIG LOTS. A can of almonds or cashews there is $2.50 compared to $6.00 at Walmart or Publix. :)

Love and Peace to all,
Autumn ✌

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Raw Chocolate Bombs!~

Chocolate Bombs


Any kind of nut you want.. I used a mixture if walnuts and almonds.
Raw Cocoa/Cacao powder
Majool Dates
Pear Nectar (or whatever Raw nectar you have)

First things first, process together the walnuts and almonds until little itty bitty pieces appear. Then add the cocoa powder and process. After that add the pitted dates and stream in the nectar. Process until a creamy consistency appears.

Roll mixture into tiny balls and freeze for about 30 minutes. Now its time to eat!

Raw Tacos!

Raw Tacos:

"Ricotta Cheese"- Cashews, garlic, cilantro, salt and water. Process ingredients and stream in water until rich and creamy. Set aside in bowl.

"Ground Meat"- Almonds, lemon juice, Cumin, Coriander, olive oil, salt & pepper to taste. Process ingredients until it has the texture and look of ground beef. Set aside in bowl.

Guacamole- Approximately 3 avocados, diced or cubed onion, garlic, salt & pepper to taste. Process ingredients until a creamy consistency appears.. Unless you like it on the chunkier side. Set aside in bowl.

"Taco Shell"- All you need is a lettuce head. Peel the outer layers until you have something like a lettuce cup. Peel as many as you'd like and set aside.

Okay, now that you have all of your ingredients, its time to assemble. Take one of your lettuce cups, place the "ricotta cheese" down first, then the "ground beef" and guacamole. Top with tomato's onions, etc! Your done!

Never Hungry, More energy. (Day 6)

So yesterday was my sixth day of eating Raw. I feel absolutely incredible.

I have to admit, on my third day I wanted to just give in and eat, eat, eat. Eat everything and anything. Whatever was in the fridge I didn't care, as long as it wasn't fruit, veggies or nuts. I felt like I was going to die. Literally... I tell you what though, I didn't give up and I didn't give in. I've had my families support through thick and thin and I am so thankful for that.

I also have to give thanks to our friend Lauren. If it wasn't for her we wouldn't even be doing this life change. Thank you Lauren!

Okay, so like I said I'm feeling
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Whatever this Raw food is doing, I'm lovin' it! I have a LOT more energy and I'm NEVER hungry. Ever. I have to literally force myself to eat. I'm also not craving soda anymore... I've learned to love water :) So far, I'm not seeing any negative affects from doing this challenge. Like I said a MILLION times before, I LOVE THIS!

Love and Peace to all,
Autumn ☮ ☯

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kind Comments and Good Energy.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments and good energy.

@Laura: I'm so happy your going for the 30 day challenge! I promise you it will pay off. I'm hoping once I get through the 30 days I'll want to continue this "lifestyle change" for a lifetime. Oh, and we know how it is with Diabetes. My sister Chloe (10) is Type 1.. Now that we're on this Raw food kick, we've cut her insulin in half and her sugars regulate now between 100 and 150. We're hoping by the end of this challenge that her disease will be reversed. Anyway, I hope that your Raw food journey is wondrous, exciting and full of surprises! :)

@HeartRockinMama: My family and I did a lot of research before we started this challenge.. There's so many books and websites on eating Raw foods. Right now I'm reading a book called "Living in the Raw" by Carol Alt and its fantastic! You learn so much from it.. I definitely recommend it. As far as the junk food, I feel ya. It was so very hard for me to give up pizza and chips and all that toxic waste. But once you do its totally worth it. I encourage you to research, research, research! And maybe start little by little eating Raw.

Love and Peace too all!
Autumn ☀

Monday, May 31, 2010

Feeling Better, Getting Better (Day Five)

So I'm on my fifth day now of eating Raw.....and I feel sooo much better! I think after getting through the 3rd (or 4th?) day hump it all just starts working and coming together. I have much more confidence in myself and have a lot more energy. It was totally worth the headaches and cravings (although, I'm still having some of those ;D). I have so much less to complain about now. No more "I'm fat, and nobody likes me" or "Mmm I'm gunna eat this whole pizza". I have NOTHING to feel bad about... Everything I eat is living and wondrous. I LOVE it. Even writing (or typing) gets me hyped up about it. I look in the mirror now and actually LOVE myself. I used to just exist, now I live. If anyone is considering doing this "lifestyle change" I say GO FOR IT! You will feel alive and better within one week.

Love and Peace too all,
Autumn ♥

ps: stayed tuned for more of my daily experiences. :) the 30 day challenge isn't over yet!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Steps....(Day One-Four)

So I'm on my 4th day now of being Raw, and I tell ya, going from pizza, french fries, cheese, soda and ice cream TO (uncooked) veggies, fruits,grains,nuts,water and oats is TOUGH. Although I do feel better, my addiction to food was so out-of-control I am having MAJOR (and I mean major) withdrawals..... Headaches, bad cravings, bad abdominal pain (if ya know what I mean :/) oh, and did I mention cravings?

Okay, so those were the cons... I do (can you believe it?) have some pros:

My acne is clearing up, I have more energy (kinda?...ok stop being negative Autumn..), I feel, yes only after 4 DAYS, that I'm loosing weight. I also have my whole families support.... My sister Chloe (10) is Type 1 Diabetic
and the REAL reason why we're doing this challenge is because some studies show that you can either be cured or have your insulin cut in HALF by being Raw.......and amazingly its already working =)

I'll keep you guys posted on whats going on in my everyday "Raw" life. Stay tuned for tomorrows adventures. =)