Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kind Comments and Good Energy.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments and good energy.

@Laura: I'm so happy your going for the 30 day challenge! I promise you it will pay off. I'm hoping once I get through the 30 days I'll want to continue this "lifestyle change" for a lifetime. Oh, and we know how it is with Diabetes. My sister Chloe (10) is Type 1.. Now that we're on this Raw food kick, we've cut her insulin in half and her sugars regulate now between 100 and 150. We're hoping by the end of this challenge that her disease will be reversed. Anyway, I hope that your Raw food journey is wondrous, exciting and full of surprises! :)

@HeartRockinMama: My family and I did a lot of research before we started this challenge.. There's so many books and websites on eating Raw foods. Right now I'm reading a book called "Living in the Raw" by Carol Alt and its fantastic! You learn so much from it.. I definitely recommend it. As far as the junk food, I feel ya. It was so very hard for me to give up pizza and chips and all that toxic waste. But once you do its totally worth it. I encourage you to research, research, research! And maybe start little by little eating Raw.

Love and Peace too all!
Autumn ☀


  1. Hi Autumn!
    I'm your mom's friend, Lauren, who got her interested in Raw Foods and sent her the "Raw for 30 Days" movie link. I am so pleased to see that you have embraced this healthy way of life! It's not easy, but well worth it. You can do this!

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  3. I hear such good things about you all time! I believe your my Mom's long lost sister.. lol!

    But yes, I agree it was very difficult the first couple of days.. Now that I'm past that, I feel 10 times better :) I LOVE IT! My body and mind feel that they're already cleansed of all the toxic waste. I believe that I can totally finish the 30 day challenge.. and maybe continue it for a lifetime :)

    If it weren't for you Lauren, we wouldn't even think of doing this! Thank you so, so much! =)

    Love and Peace,
    Autumn ✿ ☮