Monday, May 31, 2010

Feeling Better, Getting Better (Day Five)

So I'm on my fifth day now of eating Raw.....and I feel sooo much better! I think after getting through the 3rd (or 4th?) day hump it all just starts working and coming together. I have much more confidence in myself and have a lot more energy. It was totally worth the headaches and cravings (although, I'm still having some of those ;D). I have so much less to complain about now. No more "I'm fat, and nobody likes me" or "Mmm I'm gunna eat this whole pizza". I have NOTHING to feel bad about... Everything I eat is living and wondrous. I LOVE it. Even writing (or typing) gets me hyped up about it. I look in the mirror now and actually LOVE myself. I used to just exist, now I live. If anyone is considering doing this "lifestyle change" I say GO FOR IT! You will feel alive and better within one week.

Love and Peace too all,
Autumn ♥

ps: stayed tuned for more of my daily experiences. :) the 30 day challenge isn't over yet!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Steps....(Day One-Four)

So I'm on my 4th day now of being Raw, and I tell ya, going from pizza, french fries, cheese, soda and ice cream TO (uncooked) veggies, fruits,grains,nuts,water and oats is TOUGH. Although I do feel better, my addiction to food was so out-of-control I am having MAJOR (and I mean major) withdrawals..... Headaches, bad cravings, bad abdominal pain (if ya know what I mean :/) oh, and did I mention cravings?

Okay, so those were the cons... I do (can you believe it?) have some pros:

My acne is clearing up, I have more energy (kinda?...ok stop being negative Autumn..), I feel, yes only after 4 DAYS, that I'm loosing weight. I also have my whole families support.... My sister Chloe (10) is Type 1 Diabetic
and the REAL reason why we're doing this challenge is because some studies show that you can either be cured or have your insulin cut in HALF by being Raw.......and amazingly its already working =)

I'll keep you guys posted on whats going on in my everyday "Raw" life. Stay tuned for tomorrows adventures. =)